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YoonYoung Choi

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musician, pianist and recording artist

Magical Music in the “Forest of the Piano”, with Korean pianist YoonYoung Choi

Thousands of people have listened to Korean pianist YoonYoung Choi play the piano, both in concert halls, and on various live streaming platforms, including Clubhouse, Kakao mm, Spoon and Salon de Hreum. Most of them would agree that the experience is like magic. Not only is the playing technically virtuosic, it is also highly expressive, and ranges from tender to exciting.

YoonYoung Choi is a Rufus Lin Productions recording artist, releasing albums under the Distinctly Odd Records label.


Beethoven Sonatas

1. Rufus Lin: A Tiny Bell in Daegu

2. Rufus Lin: Variations on Finlandia (Sibelius)

3. L. van Beethoven: Piano sonata no. 8 in C minor, op. 13 “Pathétique”

    I. Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio

    II. Adagio cantabile

    III. Rondo: Allegro

4. L. van Beethoven: Piano sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor, op. 27 – 2 “Moonlight”

    I. Adagio sostenuto

    II. Allegretto

    III. Presto agitato

5. L. van Beethoven: Piano sonata no. 31 in A flat major, op. 110

    I. Moderato cantabile molto espressivo

    II. Allegro molto

    III. Adagio ma non troppo – Fuga: Allegro ma non troppo

In YoonYoung Choi’s third album, she delivers thoughtful and provocative interpretations of three major Beethoven sonatas – the Pathetique, the Moonlight and op. 110. Fans of her previous albums will discover another side to this incredibly talented pianist, with performances that reveal a deep understanding of Beethoven’s harmonic intentions within the context of the sonata form. Of particular note is YoonYoung’s virtuosic handling of the difficult fugue in op. 110.

The album “Beethoven Sonatas” is now on sale and will be on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Should you wish to provide a greater level of support for YoonYoung and her work, then instead of streaming, please purchase and download the album.


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