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International Classical Concert 
Forest of the piano – Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3

@Fuchu no Mori Arts Theatre, Vienna Hall

Aug 30th, 2022

On 30 August, 2022, Korean concert pianist YoonYoung Choi gave her first concert in Japan, playing Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto with the
Abend Kammer Philharmoniker, under the baton of Hideyuki Koyanagi.

For her encore, she played Widmung, by Schumann, arr. Liszt.
YoonYoung mesmerized the audience with her beautiful performance, creating a tone rich in sensibility with a touch that was sometimes delicate, sometimes bold, always expressive.
After the end of the encore, a bouquet of flowers was presented in the midst of tumultuous applause. It was indeed a successful first Japan performance for the pianist.
After the performance, there was a CD autographing session and interaction time with the audience.
She enjoyed speaking with many members of the audience, both existing and new fans, in English and Korean.
YoonYoung is already planning her next overseas concert. It will be in January 2023, in Vancouver BC.

Here are some excerpts from letters received after the concert.

I was overwhelmed by YoonYoung Choi’s expression. The orchestra and the whole performance was soothing when it was slow and quiet, but the intense and fast-paced performance was so dynamic that I enjoyed it from beginning to end. / Mr. S.

The composition changed from song to song, and I was able to listen to the performance with a fresh feeling each time. / Mr. D

It was a beautiful concert hall and YoonYoung Choi’s performance was very beautiful. / Mr. R

I am a beginner in classical music, but I could feel the unique atmosphere of the orchestra performance and enjoyed it till the end / Mr. Y

The first part was good, but the second part was even more impressive. During each solo part, I listened to the performance with my eyes closed. / Mr. M

The unusual and unique program was very nice, including a piece composed by Canadian composer Rufus Lin. The kind of performance that is possible only with a small orchestra appeals to me. I wanted to hear more small ensembles as well / Mr. M